Lydia was recommend to us when our daughter was 6 weeks old as her feeds involved a lot of snacking and were very frequent which meant I was very tired. Within a day of meeting Lydia feeds were down to 45 mins and in some cases 30mins. She helped us establish a routine and understand better what our daughter needed. She also helped us get our daughter to accept a bottle so my husband could enjoy feeding her too. I have already recommended Lydia and willdefinitely use her services again. Lydia is friendly but quite firm which we both liked; we had previously tried to use a doulaand lactation consultant but Lydia was more knowledgeable and specific in her advice than anyone else we had dealt with. Tara


I wish I had known Lydia when I had my first baby. She is not only a breastfeeding expert but also has an incredible touch with newborns. Before I met Lydia my daughter Christa would fuss on the breast for up to 90 minutes every 2 hours and I was never sure whether she was just comfort feeding and/or using me as a dummy. With Lydia’s support and advice she fed for 40 minutes and with a little more practice she would finish her feed within 30 minutes. Lydia taught me how to swaddle her PROPERLY! At the very next sleep she slept for longer she therefore woke up hungrier which meant she took a bigger feed and so she settled for longer. I was delighted!!! We quickly got into a routine which I had previously given up hope on. Lydia had excellent tips for bathing her and I bought every single one of her recommended products. All of which I adore and have told all my friends about. I am one satisfied mom thanks to Lydia! Christa


Before Lydia came to my house Lilly (who was 10 days old at the time) would feed for over 1 hour at each feed. 1 session with Lydia and the next feed she took a full feed in 45 minutes and within a week she was on 25 minute feeds. Lydia also taught me how to swaddle her, bath her, how to cover her with the right amount of blankets, she gave me advice on room temperature and so on and so on! She knows everything there is to know about newborns. She was absolutely fantastic and I can’t rate her highly enough. Samantha


I was lucky enough for Lydia to be the midwife on duty where I had my little girl.  I can’t say how dedicated, helpful, kind and supportive she was in getting me started on breastfeeding during the day I was kept in.  I could tell Lydia is passionate about breastfeeding and she was able to explain and show me what to do, and different techniques, including when it didn’t seem to be working and I was so grateful for her help.  It was then great chance – or fate! – that Lydia and I bumped into each other during my second pregnancy – I recognised her immediately.  I can’t wait to have our baby and for Lydia’s Nurture package which I’m sure will be amazing. Verity


I met Lydia during my pregnancy. I was so glad I did because having her number in my phone and knowing she was coming to see me in hospital was the most reassuring feeling in the world. Before I met Lydia I felt like I was on information overload and had already heard so much conflicting advice. Having one voice to guide me through the breastfeeding process was something I can’t put a price on. I had done NCT which was great but sitting down with Lydia and talking through my previous experience, my expectations, preparing for the new baby (and the list goes on) was incredibly empowering for me. My breastfeeding experience this time was a positive one and I know that it is largely due to Lydia. I don’t have enough space here to sing her praises enough. Francesca


I met Lydia when my son, James was two or three weeks old.  James suffered badly from reflux and was very unsettled after feeds.  It was horribly distressing to see him so unhappy.  After a day (Sunday) of almost constant crying (from us both!!!) I called Lydia on Monday morning and she came to my rescue later that day.  Within in minutes Lydia was able to calm and soothe James.  She suggested some very helpful tips on how to reduce the reflex and thanks to Lydia I was able to manage this. It might sound dramatic, but I will always be thankful to Lydia for her help and guidance.  She was so kind and reassuring. I was in such a mess when I first met her!  I had lost all confidence.  My daughter didn’t experience reflux or discomfort after feeds and my husband was away a lot for work. Thank you, Thank you Lydia for turning those early days which were dark a lot of the time to bright sunny, happy days! Lucy


Lydia is a very calm, caring and lovely person.  She was knowledgable and confident and pays great attention to detail.  Above all, I can tell that Lydia loves her job and thinks of it as far more than just that. Her expertise and passion for breastfeeding is invaluable and we cannot thank her enough. We are so grateful. Lydia was all that I hoped for in a breastfeeding consultant and more. Victoria


I booked Lydia for a one off consultation as I was struggling with breastfeeding. Alfie was 2 months old. Lydia was highly recommended to me by a friend who had just met Lydia for her first Nurture session. I was at the end of my tether so I called her. I am SO glad I did. Lydia’s words are so calming and empowering. She reassured me, gave me lots of tips and even showed me how to put my baby to bed – awake! I didn’t think for one moment he would go off. But he did! I wish I had booked the Nurture package. Thanks again Lydia – life saver! Felicity




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